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Will Future: I hope things will go well

Englisch bung zu Will Future - Aussagestze und Negativstze. Online ben und lernen mit Spa und Erfolg.

Signalwrter: hope, expect, think, sure, probably, wonder, next week....., in 2046, in the future.

Bildung: will/won't + Infinitive
Beispiele 1:
John will be 15 tomorrow. (Er kann es nicht mehr ndern, es ist eben so!)
The weather forecast said that it will rain in the South tomorrow.

Beispiele 2:
I think I will phone Jenny.
She will probably agree with you.
I will come on time. I promise!

Beispiele 3:
Oh look! Your bike has got a puncture. I'll repair it for you.
You look cold. I'll fetch you a pullover.

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