English bung zu Kurzantworten mit be, have (got) und can.

Short answers - be, can, have (got)

English bung zu Englische Entscheideungsfragen. Kurzantworten mit be, have (got) und can.
Auf diese Fragestzen kannst du mit ja oder nein beantworten, aber es wird in England als unhfflich gesehen also verwendet man die Kurzantwort.
Bitte die Fragen kurz beantworten.

Englisch Lernen leicht gemacht.

Please write short answers to the be, can and have questions. Look at the verb in the question.
1. Is this your hat? No, it isn't.
2. Can I have a biscuit, please? Yes, you can.
3. Have you got your school bag? No, I haven't.

1. Are you at school? No, .

2. Can you speak French? No, .

3. Has Mary got a brother? Yes, .

4. Can the twins swim? Yes, .

5. Has Tom got a banana in his bag? No, .

6. Am I ten? No,

7. Can Sarah have a glass of lemonade, please? Yes, .

8. Have you got a rubber? Yes, .

9. Are Felicity and Thomas twins? Yes, .

10. Is Felicity one year old? No, .

11. Can Thomas go to school? No, .

12. Is Mr Pearson nice? Yes, .

13. Has David got a lot of homework? Yes, .

14. Can you tell me the answers, please? No, .

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