Englisch Hrverstehen Trainieren - Jack Sheppard's Famous Escapes - (2)

Jack Sheppard's Famous Escapes (2)

Hier kannst du dein englisch Hrverstehen (listening comprehension) kostenlos trainieren fr die nchste Schularbeit mit einer englisch Hrbung. Trainiere Dein English Hrverstehen Online, indem du genau hinhrst und Informationen aus dem Hrtext herausfilterst. Englisch Lernen mit einer Englnderin.

Unfortunately Jack couldn't keep out of trouble and was soon arrested yet again. This time Bess and her friend Poll brought some clothes for him. He removed a bar from his window, put on his clothes and merrily walked out of the prison and into freedom. He then paid a waterman 7p to row him up a river to Horse Ferry in Westminster. At the time there was a fair going on in London and everybody was dressed up, so nobody noticed the man wearing leg irons.
His last break-out was from Newgate. He was chained to the floor and had only a bent nail to help him escape. He used the nail to open his hand and leg cuffs and then he climbed up the chimney , into a room that wasn't used, and then broke through another five doors into the chapel where he climbed down a wall and onto a house. However, the house was too high to jump from, so he went all the way back again to get a blanket, which he then used as a rope. This was one of his most amazing escapes and made him a celebrity. His problem was that he couldn't stop stealing and being in the centre of attraction, so one day when he went out drinking, wearing all his stolen goods, he was caught once more in a tavern, but he was too drunk to fight the magistrates off and was brought to Newgate, where he was sentenced to death by hanging. Whilst waiting to be hanged, he was secured with chains that weighed 300lbs. When the keepers found Jack walking around in his cell without his chains on one day, he proudly showed them how he had done it. Thousands of people came to visit him in his cell and they had to pay him 4 shillings for the visit.
On the day he was hanged, thousands of people cheered for Jack, who was still hoping to run away. They found a knife on him, but he was wearing handcuffs and wasn't tied up with ropes, so he couldn't use it.
When Jack was hanged people swung on his legs so that his neck broke faster, because otherwise he would have choked to death and they couldn't watch him suffer.

Adapted from Helen Smith's book, "Grave-Robbers, Cut Throats and Prisoners of London" by Snke and Nicola Dkel

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by: Nicola Jayne Dkel (geb. Dixon) and Snke Dkel


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